Open Data Day 2013 recap:
Presenters’ slides:
Hackathon recap:


9:00 | Setup & registration

10:00 | Welcome & Introductions

11:00 | Web Mapping in Toronto

Sheraz Khan (University of Toronto, Department of Geography and Planning) – “Examples and themes in online interactive mapping: Data, design and user experience”

11:30 | Case Studies

ING Presentation Room
Beth Wilson (Social Planning Toronto) – “Mapping the Cuts, Mapping the Wealth, Maps for Social Justice”
Jamie Robinson (United Way Toronto) – “Vertical Poverty”
Jayme Turney & Bill Cohen (Toronto Public Space Initiative) – “Tabs Toronto”

12:30 | Lunch

Catered & conversational

13:30 | Introduction

ING Presentation Room
Afternoon intro, workshop descriptions & hackathon pitches

13:45-16:30 | Hackathon

Coffee Bar Area
Coordinated by Andrew Lovett-Baron (Relay Studio) | Hackathon wiki

13:45-16:30 | Lightning Talks

ING Presentation Room | Moderated by Ivor Tossell
Jason White (Shopify) – “Transit Accessibility Across Canada”
Ellie Marshall (OpenNorth) – “”
Chris Penrose (Community Organizer) – “Youth Asset Mapping”
Morgen Peers (Civic Technologist) – “Land Use &Development Data”
Devon Meunier (Ajah) – “Ajah: Tools for Fundraisers”
Julie Bogdanowicz (University of Toronto, Daniels Faculty of Architecture, Landscape and Design) – “FACEMAP Toronto”
Helen Kula (MaRS Data Catalyst) – “Startup Friendly Cities and Neighbourhoods”
Sheyda Saneinejad (City of Toronto Innovation Lab) – “Tracking Toronto Ticker”
Anil Patel (GrantBook) – “The Sharing Imperative” (Working with Nonprofits to Improve their Data Literacy)
Raed Sharif (Syracuse University, School of Information Studies) – “Government Data in South Africa: Great Potential for Socioeconomic Development if…”
Diederik van Liere (Wikimedia Foundation) – “A Love Story of ‘Big’ and ‘Small’ Data”
Kevin Branigan (Refactory) – “MyTTC and other projects”
Sean Crawford (Quandl) – “”
Wendy Smith (The Toronto Park Lot Project)

13:45-16:00 | Workshops

Meeting Room
Richard Pietro (CitizenBridge) – “Imagine your own Perfect Civic App”
Karen Smith & Shanifa Nasser (University of Toronto iSchool) – “Harvesting Twitter Data, GDocs & Twitter API”

17:00 | Wrapup

Plenary remarks & hackathon summary


MaRS Data Catalyst
Race Data

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