New modes of urban mobility – event recap

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New modes of urban mobility – event recap

Urban+Digital’s second event, New modes of urban mobility, was held at MaRS on August 26th, and featured three presenters and two respondents:
* Kevin McLaughlin – President, Autoshare
* Mark Latchford – Location Manager, Car2go Toronto
* David Boriss – General Manager, Hailo Toronto
* Beth Jones – Associate Director at Green Communities Canada & Co-Founder of Moving the Economy
* Antoine Belaieff – Director of Innovation, Metrolinx

Thanks to our sponsors:
* MaRS Discovery District
* Evergreen CityWorks

Participant Ashleigh Dalton offered this summary of her experience at the event:

Recently I attended Urban+Digital Toronto’s second event, New Modes of Urban Mobility. With all the discussion around transportation in Toronto recently, I knew this would be a hot topic. What I didn’t expect, however, was the size of the crowd and the diversity of the people in the room. Over 60 people came out to the event – a sold-out event – each bringing with them unique experience as technologists, planners, transportation engineers, coders, policy analysts, government, cyclists, pedestrians and more!

The talks by Autoshare, Car2go and Hailo were interesting, informative and succinct. Short little talks, just long enough to give an idea of some of the new services out there for getting around the city. As someone who has recently starting using many of these services, it was great to hear about how these organizations have been growing, their vision for the future, and the challenges they may be facing. But what I found most valuable was that the event created the space for us to think about these not as individual transportation services but as part of a larger system of increasing options for getting around the city. The two respondents, Beth Jones and Antoine Belaieff, helped with this and provided great insight on where the transportation field has been and where we may be going.

The highlight for me was the breakout discussion, where my table talked about a myriad of things related to urban mobility: from open data, to multi-mode connectivity (i.e. bike-transit-car), to how Google Maps tracks traffic conditions, to our own personal patterns and how we make choices in getting around the city. I didn’t feel like a transportation expert walking into the event, and I didn’t feel like one walking out either, but Urban+Digital were successful in making that the very point of the event: that the future of transportation concerns us all.

Thanks to our facilitators: Julie Bogdanowicz, Geraldine Cahill, James Chan, Ashleigh Dalton, Charles Finley, Peter Foley, Kaleem Khan, Aislinn Malszecki, Yousaf Shah, and Sameer Vasta.

And thanks to Marc De Pape for the photos.

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